Is PacketStream Scam OR Legit?

How much money I eran from paketstream || You Must Be Safety Conscious!

Quick view about PacketStream

Product name : PacketStream


Headquarters : California, USA

Industry: Bandwidth Sharing

Created by : Ronald Bell

Established: 2018 

Costs: Unused Internet Bandwidth

Summary: PacketStream is a peer-to-peer proxy server distributor and users in one place with their automation tools. Although Internet users (customers) pay for the use of the Internet, bandwidth providers receive a fee for their contribution.  

Overall : 6/10

Notes: Suitable for the world's first country bandwidth providers, but not recommended

  • RatingWhat is PacketStream All About?

In their own words "PacketStream is the first of its kind in the peer server network. For parcels for remuneration bandwidth allocation PacketStream network and the fact that users around the world access the Internet content of a secure network. Customers can purchase bandwidth and browse the web in private to protect the IP addresses browser privacy."

With a simple language you can puts it as an intermediary platform with technology that allows you to share your Internet bandwidth as a service provider (Packeter) through a network where they sell it to customers (bandwidth users) and in return reward you with a percentage. 

So in fact, without Internet bandwidth providers and customers, there is no PacketStream business. 

  • How Exactly Does PacketStream Work?

According to their website, “PacketStream works for you!”, Which means that if Packeters don’t add Internet bandwidth to their network, customers won’t be able to access the content they want, and vice versa. 

As an intermediary network, it sells bandwidth to customers who want to browse the Internet without using their personal information. Unlike a VPN or proxy network service, they make it credible to use content on the Internet to access a proxy server in another location. 

So Packet, PacketStream routes its customers ’traffic through your apartment’s proxy to make it look like you’re just browsing. It’s like someone using your bandwidth to browse the Internet in a different place. 

So even if customers pay PacketStream to use their bandwidth, you’ll be given a cut to allow access to Internet data. This sounds like a good way to make money just by connecting to their node, but it can be risky because you’re not sure what places your bandwidth users will surf the Internet. 

  • How Do You Make Money With PacketStream?

The PacketStream platform has two main ways to make money;

# 1. As a packer, a

Packeter is a person who joins a PacketStream residential server’s proxy network through a node to share their Internet bandwidth in exchange for money. They say you earn $ 0.1 / gigabyte of bandwidth you give to their network. 

You may be tempted to say that this really adds time, but from my experience with honey gain, I can tell you for sure that you have a long way to go if you plan on this train. You can connect more than one computer to their network to increase earning, but it wouldn’t matter if they all come from the same network. 

# 2. By referring to others,

PacketStream encourages members to increase their Packeters network and earn 3% of their revenue in return, as long as they stay active online. When you sign up for Packeter, you’ll be given a code called a referral link that you can share with people to join. 

This is an overwhelmingly good way to make a significant income on the Internet because I am looking for ways to make money online. In another context, it’s called affiliate marketing, which is my favorite way to make money online. 

However, you need a large number of people to do something significant in PacketStream. If you have huge social media followers who are also interested in making money by sharing their bandwidth, an easy way is to share your referral link with them. 

  • How Much Money Can You Make Using PacketStream?

With these two earning options, you can earn as much as the bandwidth you give to their network and the number of people you referred to their platform. According to PacketStream, the minimum withdrawal threshold is $ 5, which is lower than Honey Gain . 


Earning seems to be easy, but let’s see how long it takes. $ 0.1 / GB means you need 50 GB to get $ 5. That's huge data for only $ 5. respondent bids Participating in can earn you significant revenue from a single survey. 

Assuming you share 1GB of bandwidth daily, which is rare, it means it only takes two months to earn $ 5, which you can easily earn with Fluidstack . If you want to reach this minimum threshold in PacketStream in a short amount of time, it seems that getting referrals is the right way to go. 

That means you have to have 100 referrals because 3% is only a small fraction of the cents they make. 

How does PacketStream cost you?

PacketStream pays Packeters through Paypal ... .... Once you have attempted to earn $ 5, you will be charged a 3% fee during your pickup. This is very depressing, but I haven’t noticed it with Fluidstack

  • Is It Safe To Join PacketStream?

Well, according to PacketStream, "our product designers use industry-standard encryption and security policies to keep Packeter and customer information secure" .This is from them, but you cannot have a 100% guarantee that you will not encounter any problems connecting to their network. 

Their website has an SSL certificate that provides some security, but sharing your home bandwidth with someone for purposes you can’t monitor yourself is another idea before you connect your computer to the network. 

  • What Users Are Saying About PacketStreamEarning Rate 

Extremely Low

No matter how good it sounds to your ear - earn passive income with an idle computer just by sharing unused bandwidth, the amount you earn per gigabyte is very small. Sure, it adds up, but how long does it take for you to make at least $ 5?

Someone used it for over a month, and he couldn’t even bring $ 0.4 to the table. It is very shallow. At the very least, I know that Fluidstack can generate you up to $ 600 a month if you have the right resources. It can be argued that all you have to do is hey, you have to keep your computer on to earn those cents ... it comes with power-like costs. 

You want to check this recommendation if you want to do something significant with your Internet. Also, considering how much GB of bandwidth is sold to customers on the PacketStream website, I say that earning $ 0.1 / GB is not a good deal. 

Your protection does not appear to be a priority for

PacketStream PacketStream clearly states on its website that your security is guaranteed on their network, but it does not appear to carry any weight. Some packet devices have had their accounts banned from other platforms because PacketStream customers did something confusing. 

From the spiral split reddish response is conveyed by the sloppy service in their head ... as long as customers pay them money, they don’t care much about where and how they use bandwidth. There do not appear to be appropriate restrictions to discipline customers. If you don’t want this experience, Respondent , honeygain’s and LoadTeam should be a much better option for you. 

  • Is PacketStream a Scam or a Legit?

PacketStream is not a scam site. Several people have received payments, although there are few disappointments. While it has to be encouraging, you may want to consider the following before you put the joint in their knot.

You cannot reach the minimum threshold every month if you are in the 2nd or 3rd grade world. Because it is a proxy network, most customers want to use proxies from advanced countries. So your location can significantly affect the amount you earn per month. 

You may also be convinced that starting money only requires starting a computer, but that is far from the truth. Your earnings are irrelevant ... it can’t even pay for the amount of electricity your device consumes. Customers find it more useful than Packeters because using someone’s residential proxy networks for business or anywhere costs $ 1 / GB. 

In addition to changing your bandwidth in cents per platform, it will cost you more for your safety and efficiency because you have to turn on your computer 24/7. It can even cause laptops to overheat during continuous use. 

  • Conclusion: PacketStream Options 

PacketStream is young on the Internet, which means they have a lot of evidence that they are really legal, but they don’t have much to be considered a scam site. Nor do I recommend it as a platform that throws your network into passive income. 

My analysis of my earnings level makes it clear that you would hardly earn $ 5 a month, let alone hoping to earn substantial passive income to support your life. The calculation revealed that if you even want to earn $ 10 an hour, you should have at least 1,323 active senders, which I doubt you’re willing to go down this path.

However, adding its options like FluidStack , Honeygain , LoadTeam and GetPaidTo can be a nice way to make good money every month. You can also consider this list to make money online on your unused computer for more options.

Because of your information, most people stop using PacketStream before reaching the minimum threshold, so I don’t use PacketStream. So if you want a better passive income option, you may want to change your direction to what really generates significant income online - Affiliate Marketing

I call it helping others online with your knowledge of making money, and there are no limits to what you earn. Yes, you heard me right. I do it part time online to make money while I sleep and so do you. It just requires a DECISION to do something different. 

Your decision now is to either click on the free final guide below or enter your bandwidth. Either way, you have results. The question is…. Could you sometimes look back to rejoice in making the right choice or to regret not doing the right thing?